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Letter from a Corporate Client:

Dear Karen,

Thank you for your outstanding corporate policy which encourages breastfeeding. Since the implementation of our corporate breastfeeding policy last year, one employee has successfully breastfed her infant for a complete year. As our company continues to grow, this policy will assist us in attracting and retaining qualified employees who are committed to breastfeeding and the overall health of their children.

Acute Care Education Associates provides continuing education courses for registered nurses and advanced practice nurses. We hold a firm commitment to supporting the breastfeeding mother and encourage students to attend our seminars with breastfeeding babies. We provide a comfortable environment to express milk which aids in continued breastfeeding.

The educational information included in our corporate packet has been very useful for our employee. It assisted her successful transition in returning to work and fulfilling her employment duties. She also benefited from the product discount extended to our employees because of our corporate policy.

I would highly recommend Bellies, Babies & Breasts, P.C. to other corporations and small businesses who want to support and retain employees who choose breastmilk for their infants. Your commitment and skill in lactation services provide a valuable resource to our community.


Susan Thornton, MN, RN, NP-C, CCRN
Acute Care Education Associates, Inc.








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