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Reason For Being

We are here to provide knowledge, support, advocacy and education to enhance the client's confidence and ability to make informed decisions that best meet the needs of the client and the baby. We will gently guide the client through the creation of their action plan for breastfeeding success.

We are passionately committed to breastfeeding and we believe that success can be measured in many forms. Our goal is to spark your imagination and open you to the many realms of possibilities as we go through the process of designing your personalized plan.


Image by Campbell Salgado Studio


Image by Campbell Salgado Studio

Bellies, Babies & Breasts, P.C. is committed to offering our services in a compassionate, comfortable and caring environment. Our continued objective is to work with the client as a team and not be critical or judgmental of any informed choice they make.

Offering the most current and up to date information is of the utmost importance to us. Every effort will be made to keep our staff educated on current trends, issues and advances in the field of breastfeeding.







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